1.5" x 1.5" x 48" x 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Corner Guard, Satin #4 Finish

1.5" x 1.5" x 48" x 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Corner Guard, Satin #4 Finish

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Always a top seller, this is one of our best selling stainless steel corner and wall guards. Like all of our wall corner protectors this 16 gauge Stainless Steel Corner Guard is Heavy Duty and the highest quality made in our Maryland USA factory. It withstands impact and will last for years. Our #4 Brushed Satin Stainless finish provides excellent protection and easy maintenance. Material is: Type 304 Alloy Stainless Steel.

It is available formed at 90 degree or 135 degree.

We Offer Three Basic Options:

  1. Holes for screw mounting
  2. 2) Wing Option material is bent again 3/8" inward at the ends of each corner guard leg. This allows the corner guard to hug an out of square wall corner which prevents rocking
  3. 3) Tape Mount Factory attached 3M™ peel stick Double-sided bonding tape. Select an Option above and the corner guard product image will change and visually display each one of the options available

Corner guard finish options


Our stock Corner Guard is 90° #4 brushed stainless and is available with the following options:

  • Holes
  • Two Sided Tape
  • 3/8" Wings
  • Wings with Holes
  • Wings with Two Sided Tape
  • 135° angle

Stainless Steel Corner Guards Specifications Section 10 26 00


  • 1.01 SUMMARY
    A. Corner Guard system for wall protection:
    A. Stainless Steel Corner Guard Systems
    A. Product data for each type of Corner Guard specified.
    B. 3 each full size profiles, 6" long samples of each type Corner Guard indicated.
    C. Cleaning and maintenance instructions.
    A. Deliver materials in unopened factory packaging to the jobsite and store in original packaging in a climate controlled location away from direct sunlight.
    A. Products must be installed in an interior climate controlled environment.
  • 1.06 WARRANTY
    A. Standard CornerGuard.net Limited Lifetime Warranty against material and manufacturing defects.


    A. Acceptable Manufacturer:
    CornerGuard.net 8805 Tamiami Trail North, 107, Naples FL 34108 USA;
    Telephone: 954-938-0085, Email: sales@cornerguard.net,
    Internet address: www.cornerguard.net
    B. Substitutions: Not permitted
    C. Provide all Corner Guards from a single source.
  • 2.02 MATERIALS
    A. Stainless Steel: Corner Guards shall be manufactured from Type 304, 16 gauge Stainless Steel.
    A. Attachment options;
    1. 1. Field applied heavy duty construction adhesive.
    2. 2. Factory applied two sided tape.
    3. 3. Pre-drilled holes for Phillips head screws.
  • 2.05 FINISHES
    A. Stainless steel: No. 4 brushed vertical finish.


    A. Examine areas and conditions in which the corner guard systems will be installed.
    1. Complete all finishing operations, including painting, before beginning installation of corner guards.
    B. Wall surface shall be dry and free from dirt, grease and loose paint.
    A. General: Prior to installation, clean substrate to remove dust, debris and loose particles.
    A. General: Locate the Corner Guard as indicated on the approved detail drawing for the appropriate substrate and Install corner guard level and plumb at the height indicated on the drawings.
  • B. Installation of Stainless Steel Corner Guards:
    1. 1. Surface must be dry, clean and properly sealed.
    2. 2. Two sided tape: Peel paper from the factory applied tape and apply pressure until a tight fit is achieved.
    3. 3. Cement on: Apply a bead of Premium Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive in a zigzag pattern over the back of each wing of the corner guard. Position corner guard on the wall and apply pressure until a tight fit is achieved.
    4. 4. Screw on: Position the corner guard on the wall and attach it using the stainless steel screws.
    5. 5. Remove the protective plastic covering from the exposed surface of the corner guard.
  • 3.04 CLEANING
    A. At completion of the installation, clean surfaces with a neutral based, non-abrasive cleaner. Ammonia and alcohol based cleaners may be used.

Product Name:

Corner Guard


8805 Tamiami Trail North, 107 
Naples, Florida 34108 
phone: 954-938-0085 
email: sales@cornerguard.net 
web: www.cornerguard.net

Product Description:

Our stock Corner Guards are #4 brushed satin finish, Type 304 alloy 16ga. Architectural Grade Stainless Steel. Available in 90° and 135° angles.

Stock Lengths are 24", 48" and 96" however custom lengths are lengths are available up to 144" and anything in between. This will allow you to just target a specific area or the entire corner from floor to ceiling.

The satin finish of our stainless steel corner guard is unmatched in beauty. They protect against sever blows and provides a tough, yet light and attractive look for corner protection.

Other Finish Options:

Corner guard finish options
Corner guard finish options


Our stock Corner Guard is 90° #4 brushed and is available with the following options:

  • Holes
  • Two Sided Tape
  • 3/8" Wings
  • Wings with Holes
  • Wings with Two Sided Tape
  • 135° angle

Features and Benefits:

When you own or manage a business, it's difficult to keep the walls completely protected. And it's particularly impossible to keep employees, customers and equipment from occasionally bumping into them.

Wall corners without protection can easily be damaged and make the entire building look bad. Our Stainless steel corner guard will protect corners from all different kinds of damage.

Because our corner guards fit tight around the wall corners, you don't have to worry about taking up space from already narrow hallways. Various options are offered to allow for a variety of installations. Easiest of the options is a peel and stick factory applied Two Sided Tape.

If you suspect your corners to be out of square, you may want to consider the 3/8" wing option.