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    Stainless Steel Corner Guards Superior Wall Impact Protection

    Dented and beaten up corners are a common eyesore in buildings with high traffic. Protect your property with our line of stainless steel corner guards.

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    Commercial/Hospital Grade Stainless Steel

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    Our corner guards ship same day and are high quality architectural commercial grade stainless steel and are tough, designed to withstand impact and last for years. Available to buy online for immediate shipment, our custom and standard stainless steel corner wall guards are the best quality available for commercial, institutional and industrial protection.

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    High Quality Stainless Steel Corner Guard

    Made in the USA

    Our American-made stainless steel corner guards have the lowest prices, best customer support, and best quality control because we are the manufacturer. This assures you better dependability, and a quality stainless steel corner guard that exceeds your expectations.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    What Makes Our Stainless Steel Corner Guards The Best?

    Our corner guards are the best because WE are the MANUFACTURER. In our factory we have quality control stops at every operation throughout the fabrication process. From the time the raw material is inspected all the way through packaging. Each stainless steel corner guard is checked to ensure it is of the highest quality. We use the highest quality commercial architectural grade type 304 stainless steel material, and no sharp edges or corners as all of our corner guards edges are smooth. Finished stainless steel corner guards have vinyl protective film to protect the beautiful finish.

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    What Are Stainless Steel Corner Guards?

    Stainless steel corner guards provide a modern and attractive look while also providing superior corner protection. Corner guards are most commonly used in commercial buildings, kitchens, supermarkets, hospitals or manufacturing facilities. Large and sometimes heavy equipment must be moved throughout these buildings and it is inevitable that walls and corners will get dinged up. Corner guards, protect the most common points of impact, corners.

    Stainless steel corner guards offer a very tough, yet attractive look to your building and are an industry favorite thanks to their incredible durability and long life.

    Western Fabricating History

    About Western Fabricating LLC

    Western Fabricating Co, Inc. was started in Franklin Park Illinois by the Schreiber / Hlavin Partnership in 1959 and is an Architectural Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabricator located in Florida.

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